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Carrier Web Portal


Quickway Logistics Carrier Web Portal provides our carriers with the tools to effectively work with us online at any time of the day. Online access makes life easier for our carriers in a variety of ways. 


Once securely logged into your online environment provided by the McLeod Internet Portal, it’s easy to navigate and conduct business as desired. Each carrier has access to information that pertains only to your business relationship with Quickway Logistics.




  • Carriers can view available orders that have been offered. By utilizing the Private Notification Network within LoadMaster, orders can be offered directly to specified carriers and viewed using the internet module. 

  • Carriers can either enter their available tractors online or upload a spreadsheet with their available tractors and locations. You can now make offers to carriers based on these locations of available tractors. 

  • Review order history, assigned and delivered orders

  • View Settlement Summary Information

  • Carriers have the ability to attach images (Bill of Lading, delivery receipts, tolls, weight tickets, invoices) on their delivered orders. This can help speed up the settlement and billing and billing processing time.   

  • Request Advances and Quick Pay

  • Carriers can dispatch and add call in records on their assigned orders

Customer Web Portal

Quickway Logistics Customer Portal gives you real-time visibility on all our freight. We make it easy for our customers to work with us online at any time of the day.


You gain multiple advantages from being connected in this way. It greatly reduces the time your staff spends on the phone handling various chores, freeing them up to spend more time on work that enhances revenue and boosts growth.



  • Review current Orders and Invoices

  • Track your orders online (status, current positions, position history, reference numbers, scheduled arrivals)

  • Book orders online

  • View Aged AR Reports

  • Send Rate Requests​

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